Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise noted, all events take place at our Common House, 1222 Delaware St, Lawrence, KS. Ample parking is available on site - enter from 13th Street.

Business meetings are attended by Delaware Street Commons HOA members. In these meetings, we make major decisions about the community, and plan marketing for the selling the unoccupied homes. Observers are welcome.

Dinners/socials are informal social gatherings of current and prospective members. They give us a chance to meet and interact with each other in a more relaxed setting. Visitors are very welcome, but please let us know you're coming by calling or e-mailing us (info@delaware-street.com or 785-550-0163).

Childcare will be provided as needed during regular meetings and social events. Please RSVP if you need this service.

You don't have to wait for a scheduled event to meet us - contact us and we'll happily schedule a tour.